Legend has it that to conquer the heart of a doll, Ogrest, a Herculean ogre, managed the impossible: uniting the six Dofus, those dragon eggs with infinite powers. Far from bringing him the happiness he desired, the Dofus made Ogrest a destructive monster and a pariah rejected by his beloved and fought against by the Gods. Drunk with anger and unhappiness, the Ogre withdrew to the highest summit of the world to cry… And his tears drowned the Earth. This big flood, called “Ogrest’s Chaos” transformed the continent that was into archipelago. This cataclysm put an end to the Age of Dofus and marked the beginning of the Wakfu Era. At the heart of this chaos, Yugo, a child of mysterious origin with magical powers goes off to find his real family.


These designer Krosmaster figurines are ready to show up at your house! Each one has unique combat characteristics that allow you to use them to battle in the KROSMASTER Arena board game. They also come with a code to unlock the virtual versions in the online game! Collect them, create your team and show your potential during numerous tournaments!

Tactical Team

Fighting is an art. Before charging in, think about all the tactical possibilities. The game works on a turn-based principle: you make your move and then you watch and see what the other players and the monsters do. Create a group of characters and face the toughest monsters. For centuries, the Demons of the Hours have faced adventurers from many eras and different dimensions in the Outer World arenas. Like pawns in their claws! The biggest heroes of the Krosmoz... from all eras, fighting in the arena to save their skin...


Abilities are what champions use on the Field. The unique nature of a champion's abilities set them apart from the other champions. A champion's abilities also determine the champion's role in his or her team, how the champion should be played, and what items, runes, and masteries should be gotten to maximize effectiveness.

Take control of your figurines in KROSMASTER Arena

Before being an online game, KROSMASTER Arena was a board game that is inspired by the turn-based gameplay of DOFUS and WAKFU, bringing you a live version of these role playing games... with even more strategy and more fights! Play with family or friends, practice, and if you're up to it, participate in numerous tournaments organized all over the country!