Legend has it that to conquer the heart of a doll, Ogrest, a Herculean ogre, managed the impossible: uniting the six Dofus, those dragon eggs with infinite powers. Far from bringing him the happiness he desired, the Dofus made Ogrest a destructive monster and a pariah rejected by his beloved and fought against by the Gods. Drunk with anger and unhappiness, the Ogre withdrew to the highest summit of the world to cry… And his tears drowned the Earth. This big flood, called “Ogrest’s Chaos” transformed the continent that was into archipelago. This cataclysm put an end to the Age of Dofus and marked the beginning of the Wakfu Era. At the heart of this chaos, Yugo, a child of mysterious origin with magical powers goes off to find his real family.
Here are the list of the changes implemented with the fourth 1.43 hotfix to the game update “Forfut Frenzy” on the 4th of August 2015. Quest The “Elementary my Dear Lebbocq” quest no longer requires a restat - so it will be possible to finalize it. Combat General Players will no longer be blocked when a place is validated in combat mode. Resources The win rate for rare fish now stands at 10%.
General Level increase to Level 175: The arrival of a new Ultimate Boss now gives players the chance to increase the level of their characters to level 175. The progression rules are still the same: players earn 5 points for abilities and 5 points for speciality spells at each level. Players can also increase their spells and Sidekicks to level 175. Restat for Eliotrope: As this class is being modified with this update, a spells and abilities restat will be available for the Eliotrope class via the "A Classy Restat" quest system that was used previously.
Spring Has Sprung Main Quest: A character who completed the quest last year will now be able to complete it again this year. Token: The 'Spring Has Sprung Token' is now a "World Drop." End Date: Due to the issues encountered, the end date of Spring Has Sprung has now been adjusted. Spring Has Sprung will now end on the 12th of March at 23.59PM (server time.)
Classes Osamodas Gobgob: It will not be possible to capture a higher amount of monsters than the one indicated by the spell level. The monsters in the Gobgob present in a padlocked box will be grayed out and cannot be used in combat. Monsters that cannot be captured by the Gobgob will be removed at the next connection to the game. Fixed several display issues related to the availability (or not) of a summon.
Sram Revamp The revamp of the class is coming! The Sram will now have a more dynamic gameplay with an overhaul of its traps (more tactical levers), his invisibility (made simpler), as well as the addition of a new system of "Weak Points", "Loot" and improving his Double. Full details can be found here on our dedicated news. Arrival of PvP The PvP centered around the war between Guards and Bandits arrives in the World of Twelve! Choose you camp thanks to a quest: Guard of your nation or Riktus? You will have to make a choice before flying with your own wings!